Dizzyfinch is a gorgeous 800 square foot open plan lifestyle photographic studio for hire in London. It has a large South Western facing window which lets in loads of natural light. It is a clean white space with wooden floors and is decorated with a mix of shabby chic and industrialist era furnishings.


  • Roughly 800 square feet
  • 3 meter wide make-up area
  • Bathroom +Shower
  • Steam + iron + rail
  • Natural light + blackout option
  • Bose sound system
  • South West facing windows so there is plenty of natural light
  • Fully functional kitchenette
  • White + coloured backgrounds.
  • Lighting and camera hire is available for hire at the studio, have a look at our gear page for more info.
  • Parking available for one car – £12 per day



When you hire the photo studio tea and coffee is on us.

Floor plan of photo studio for hire

Photo Studio Hire F.A.Q


Q: What is included in studio hire?

A: Tea & coffee, Wi-fi, clothing rail, steam iron

Q: Is lighting included in photo studio hire?

A: No but our strobe kit is only £40/day, all other gear can be seen on our gear rental page

Q: What’s the biggest thing I can get into the studio? 

A: The longest thing you can get in through the door is 4.2 meters. For anything longer than that you can pass it through the window. (We are on the first floor so it’s not too difficult to get long items through the window.) Regarding size & width, the main door to the studio is a little taller and a little wider than a standard door.

Q: Can I paint the walls blue?

A: Yes! but you’ll have to paint them white again when you are done.

Q: Your standard day rates for studio rental are: 9am – 6pm, what if I came at 10am, could we shoot until 7pm?

A: Yes, studio hire for a full day is 9 hours, the start and end times are flexible – just ask us.

Q: Can I have my gear delivered to the studio a day early and have it collected a day late?

A: It all depends on the size of the gear and whats going on at the studio, we will always try to accommodate your delivery requirements. Just ask us before hand.




Please visit our contact page for any studio hire enquiries.